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Based in Gwinnett County, Georgia, 1024 Web Solutions has been servicing clients web development needs since 2010. As we have evolved as a company, we have sought the best-trained personnel and tools to deliver premium services to meet our specific client’s goals. At 1024 Web Solutions, we listen to our clients in order to provide a technological blueprint that is tailored to your industry and customized to your needs. This allows each of our clients to have a unique website that is never built from a cookie-cutter theme.  We treat our clients as partners and use our innovative approach to give your business the unique online presence necessary to thrive in today’s ever changing landscape.

Our Partnership with You

We believe that our success comes from our clients’ success. Imagine a company that shows up at your place of business, consults with you on the best plan of action, executes that plan with precision, and continues to work with you on a daily basis, growing your business year by year.  We take the concept of partnership seriously and that includes providing services that can fit your budget but still give your business cutting-edge web technology.   Imagine that the cost of our services is only a fraction (about 10%) of the price you would pay to hire a web developer, a designer, an SEO specialist, a Social Media Marketer, and a Graphic Designer as staff; plus providing them benefits. By contracting with 1024, you get everything you need without being in the red.

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Despite the current trend to segment your audience as much as possible it’s still easy to overlook the art of blog writing.

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Meet our team

  • Edward Abraham
    Edward AbrahamCreative Director / SEO Specialist

    Edward is a professional that lives and breathes the technology industry. His passion is to promote education in the web technology field among individuals and businesses. His company vision is deeply rooted in teaching younger and older generations about technology and how it progresses rapidly, Edward’s background is anchored in the technical studies of web design but has progressed with 1024 Web Solutions to provide sophisticated web coding framework working in tandem with powerful web marketing strategies to maximize performance and presence for your business. Edward InstagramPortfolio

  • Shon Cornwwll
    Shon CornwwllSenior Graphic Designer

    Shon Cornwell is a believer that anything can be achieved with a little research and grit. Shon is a self-taught artist in the graphical design field with over a decade of experience across numerous platforms. Shon’s experience is only secondary to his determination and enthusiasm when tackling any client’s project and capturing their creative vision.

  • Seth Abraham
    Seth AbrahamSenior Copywriter

    Seth graduated Muhlenberg College with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. With experience in client services, copy editing, writing, radio and sports broadcasting and game design, Seth draws from a deep toolbox of communication and writing skills to provide copy that gets across the client’s message.


  • Albert Roberts
    Albert RobertsSenior Videographer

    Albert Roberts, a combat veteran of the United States Air Force & Army, is at the helm of our clients needs, with his South Eastern US film and video house. Mr. Roberts has attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, American Military University & Full Sail University in his pursuit for academic & technical expertise. Using only the highest-end cinematic equipment and software, all registered Sony products, SITREP Productions is at the ready for any multimedia needs across a large spectrum of applications.

  • Pesh Patel
    Pesh PatelLead Designer

    Al specializes in logo conception & design, illustration, brand cohesion, and static advertising. In addition to these proficiencies, Al has been nominated for three movie poster designs in 2017 alone. In addition, Al was named the 2017 Winner of the Avalonia Film Festival for the film “Inseparable‘s” poster design. See his design here. Click his portfolio below to view his award winning work.


    • Michael Dimou
      Michael DimouIndustrial Designer

      As a designer, Michael studied mechanical engineering at the Piraeus University of Applied Science. His first major engineering achievement was the design of an A400M transport aircraft where he discovered and applied an innovative and advanced design for the aircraft skeleton. By engaging in product design, industry study and collaboration with innovative global and offshore companies, Michael has developed an impressive methodology of rapid design and direct results that give our clients a tremendous edge to their business.

    New Member

    • Anna S.
      Anna S.The Intern

      Anna S. is a young woman with bright eyes and a strong passion for learning new things. She is a natural-born artist and has a keen eye for balance. While still in high school, Anna is a very dedicated individual and strives to meet high expectations. She refuses to settle for anything less. As a committed intern, she plans on expanding her experience in the work field.

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