Page Admin Roles (Add/Change/Remove)

Step: 1

Login into your personal account (or the account you manage you Fan Page from).

Step: 2

Click the down arrow to the right on the blue banner (where you do searches from) 7 items to the right outlined in red. It will drop down with options “Use Facebook as…”

Step: 3

Select the page you want to administrate for this tutorial I have picked “Lube 3000″

Step: 4

The page will refresh and be on the Fan Page you have selected. Select “settings” just below the search bar in the blue banner.

Step: 5

The page will load the settings options. In the left column 3 options down you will see “Page Roles”, select it.

Step: 6

You may or may not have multiple roles setup. But underneath the last person you will see a blank box. put the user’s Facebook registered email or Facebook email.

Step: 7

Before you can add a new user role, the user must be a fan of the page or like the page. I am adding “Joe Smukatello” his email is (  Once the name is in, select the proper role: Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser or Analyst.

Note: Admin role has as much authoritative power as the Page owner!

Step: 8

Click “Save” there will be a prompt for password, enter your personal Facebook password and continue. The newly added role recipient will receive a notification. Thats it!

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Edward Abraham
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