Should you hire a copywriter or DIY?

Hiring a Copywriter vs. DIY

Copywriter vs. spending time building content

When you decide to put your business online, an important question that arises is how best to communicate your brand to the world. It is then that you have to make an important decision – who will create the marketing message that you want to share with your target audience? This is when you choose between hiring a professional copywriter and doing it yourself.

Both options have pros and cons of course, but it all finally comes down to one thing, and that is the effectiveness of your copy in driving sales. High quality content leads to higher search rankings, increased social sharing, and ultimately, more conversions.

Well-written, relevant copy is the key to converting website visitors to customers. People visit your site in the hope of answers, and need clear, concise information that helps them make a decision. Companies are increasingly turning to formalized content strategies that will help them achieve this objective.

While you may not want to expend resources on developing a content strategy, there are some key questions that can help you structure your content requirements, which will make your decision slightly easier:

  • 1. Who is your target audience?
  • 2. What is your unique selling proposition?
  • 3. How important is copy to your overall marketing strategy?
  • 4. How important is it for you to own or control your content?
  • 5. What are the clear cut objectives you hope to achieve through your copy?

Answering these questions will put into perspective how writing your website copy yourself compares to hiring a professional. Here are some of the main considerations, discussed in more detail below.

The Time Constraint
While you may be an independent worker, remember that writing effective and well-structured content is a time consuming and intensive job. Depending on the amount of copy your site needs, how often you need to publish it, and how much time you’d take to complete the job, it may be wiser to hire a professional to write for you. In fact as many as 62% of brands have been known to outsource their content marketing to external agencies or individuals. (1) Since it is as important to develop excellent content for your site as it is to pay attention to the running of your business, hiring a professional copywriter may save you some time.

An Outsider’s Perspective
Being so involved with your own product and company, it may be a natural choice to write your own copy. However, this attachment can also lead to biases that come out through your writing. What you may think of as relevant or interesting content may not necessarily be so for a reader. On the other hand, some aspect of your business that you may have overlooked could be the one thing that makes it click with customers. This is why a third party can offer a neutral, more well-balanced style of writing. What’s more, fears about the content losing its “personal touch” can also be allayed if you provide a good creative brief for your copywriter.

Understanding the SEO Impact of Good Copy
Relevant and informative copy has been proven to result in a greater number of conversions. This is why hiring a professional copywriter, who is well versed with search engine optimization trends, can include this aspect in your website content. For example, in one experiment conducted by an online marketing agency for Fitness World, a major Scandinavian chain of gymnasiums, simply altering a call to action was able to increase the click-through rate by 213% (2). Several such marketing experiments have shown that what your website says can have a major impact on customer conversions.

Differentiating your content
While you may be an excellent writer, you may not have the time to check that the content published on your website is similar to others. Hiring a paid copywriter ensures that the content on your website is original and unique, since most professionals would use software that enable them to check whether their content is similar to already existing content online.

Grabbing eyeballs immediately
Internet users are increasingly jaded with the amount of information that is available online. The average web user leaves a page within 10 to 20 seconds of visiting it (3), so your content has to immediately address their needs if you want them to stay. Content has become more of a marketing tool than a necessity, and when it comes to marketing, the professionals know best. Structuring the content, optimizing it for your target audience, and even testing the effectiveness of different layouts are just some of the services that can be offered to you through professional copywriting services.

So as can be seen, there are many reasons to hire professional copywriting services, especially if you’ve got a large project at hand. As always, there are two sides to the coin; many business owners worry about the quality and originality of the content, ownership and privacy rights, and the budget required to hire a professional.

The Constraints of External Copywriters
While setting aside a budget for your content marketing is a fairly straightforward decision to make, the others are not so clear cut. For example, depending on the amount of control you want to exercise on your content, it may be more advisable to hire a professional agency, as this will ensure a clear work contract that stipulates terms for distribution and use of content.

When it comes to hiring copywriters online, there is no lack of budget-friendly talent. However, quality is the biggest concern here, since many individual copywriters looking to earn some extra income may not be of an ideal quality. Online freelancing platforms do offer rudimentary screening processes, and sometimes even display customer feedback, which can give you a better idea of the right person for the job, but it still requires you to exercise caution while making your choice.

When it comes down to the decision between hiring professionals and writing content yourself, it is therefore best to think carefully about which side most complements your strategy. Remember, that while an excellent copywriter can make your business sound amazing, your brand is ultimately your story to tell.

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