My Experience with MPX, The CRM for broadcast ministries

If you are reading this blog, you either already are using MPX or you are looking into it. Personally, I have already been a user of MPX, back end support of MPX, as well as, a database manager of MPX. I have worked hand in hand with this CRM to know how it functions, how a certain integration work with it, and also the how things can turn ugly when integrations are not tested properly.

My experience came into play working for nonprofit and stepping into a role that I did not fully understand. Straight out of college with an Information Security and Computer Forensics Degree, I was clueless on what I was getting myself into, but yet extremely blessed for the opportunity. A sweet lady, who was stepping out of the role the role to follow God’s Will, was giving me 3 months of her time to train me in everything she had learned in 10 years working with MPX.

It was not till this kind lady left, and the first issue arose, and I was clueless. After multiple phone calls with Orangeleap Support and learning SQL and the MPX syntax, I started to understand not only the simplicity of MPX, but the true intricate functionality that it possessed. MPX is actually a really good tool for the broadcast ministry, and of course as people there is always something “more” we want, but we are just humans.

This software will help keep the ministries finances on track, compare media attributions of sales and donations allowing you to make wise judgments of radio stations and it’s effectiveness, track the growth of your donor base, and create segments, list, and much more keeping your data extremely neat, organized, and clean if done correctly. Let’s look at the basis of MPX and how it can benefit your ministry!

The Basics of MPX

If you are looking to use or are using MPX, you are obviously a Broadcast Ministry, so the first things we need to look at are:

  • Donor’s & Their Information
  • Setting up Donor “levels”
  • Radio Station’s, Networks, and their Translators
  • Radio Broadcast Placements

Donor's & Their Information

Since this is a CRM, Customer Relationship Manager, you need your client and customer information in there. This part is actually huge, because you want “clean” data this needs to be setup correctly. Since MPX looks at Account Number’s email address to match orders and donations to, make sure in your current list of Donors or Buyers that you do not have the same person listed 4 or 5 times with different email addresses, or MPX will make it 4 or 5 different accounts. Of course you merge the accounts later, but right now we want to make sure we get the cleanest data possible in the system first. Once you believe you have everything you need, you know have a list ready to be imported into MPX!

Setting up Donor "Levels"

Do this, and your Donor Developer team will love you, and this is why I say this; Think about this, in all actuality you have various kinds of donors. All being very important, but play their own part. Take for instance, you may have a group of donors that give between $1 up to $500 at a time, and you may have a group of donors that donate at the end of the year ~$10,000+. The general populace will donate between $1-$500 at a given time to support you ministry. Although they may not be giving a lot each time, it all ads up, especially if you are receiving donations at that level from 2000-3000 donors in a month (that may be a little high, but you get the point). Lets take a realistic number of 1000 donors in a month giving an average of $75/mth. That of course is $7500/mth x 12months = $90000. That is a decent chunk for an ministry in it’s early stages. Regardless of the “Donation Situation” you’re donor developer team will love you for setting up levels. Here are some benefits for you if you are supporting or running these reports via SQL or MPX reporting tool.

  • Easy Segmenting
  • Don’t have to work for hours to get a list of a couple hundred people
  • Using segment queries like:
    • People.List.Type  equal to TYPE  AND People.List.Value equal to ‘Name of Donor Level’   DONE!

Like I said, setting up MPX just right can make the difference for anyone, and making sure you take the right steps to avoid “Data Duplication” can really make maintaining and running reports in MPX seem like a slice of heaven.

Radio Station's, Networks, and their Translators

This part of setting up MPX, can be a bit of a headache, and it’s not so much MPX’s issue, but if you are a ministry that belongs to Hundreds or Thousands of radio stations, you got your work cut out for you. Once it’s done, it’s done though, all that’s left to do is maintain your broadcast times, add new stations or times, remove old or inactive stations, or change cost of stations. It’s a lot more simple than it sounds, but let’s give you a brief overview. Setting this up right will make your accountant love you for life, again, if done right.

Make sure you get all your radio stations list correct, so you know what Networks you are working with, like CSN, Bott, Salem, ect., because you may be paying each Network a lump sum, instead of each actual flagship or translator. This makes it super easy for your accountant to do his or her job.

Once you have all your stations plugged in you are basically already there to getting this all fired up! Remeber when you make your media codes for you stations, it’s best to use the station’s call letters, this makes it easy for you data entry personnel to know what is what when they are talking with customers or donors. This whole section of MPX is how you will track the effectiveness of certain radio stations, and also help find out your demographic and their areas.  MPX is an amazing tool for research, trust me.

Radio Station Placements (Air Times)

You are probably doing this simultaneously with  as you are adding your radio stations to MPX, but this can get a bit tedious if you have multiple placements per station. Since you will be working with some radio stations that are airing you for free, or sharing donations or orders revenue, or you are just possibly paying for them straight up, you have to be able to keep this in mind. In my opinion, when you are placing in your placements (no pun intended) work with a spreadsheet and order them by free, shared, and paid removing all  confusion and allowing you to check off what you have done. If you are working with a company that helps you with your radio stations, most of the time they send you a pdf with the needed information. Write the steps needed on the sheet they provide and check them off as you get them in, pretty simple, just time consuming. Well, now that you have all that done, and have your payment gateway setup, being or Paperless Transaction Inc, you are ready to go.

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