The Web Design Process

Web design is a beautiful thing. What most people do not realize about web design is, it’s not just an art that one sees online, but it is also the functionality that goes with it. Just like people, looks are only the outside feel, but the layout, positioning, and the right timing are all apart of web design. Knowing the header is the first thing website visitors will see, as web designers, we know we have to make the ‘Wow” there and deliver the most important information along with it. The functional aspect can be buttons within a slider that compels a user to click it, because they want to know more about that product, service, or piece of information that organization is offering.

As a Gwinnett web design company, we work with a lot of new, starter, and uprising companies that are looking to make a mark on the “www” world. When we sit down with them to work out the details about their web design, we have to ask them, what do they want their visitors to do. We build their entire website around this concept, but it just is not a 20 minute conversation and we are off to make a masterpiece, but there is extensive research, multiple conversations, testing, and making everything look good.


This is the act of getting thoughts, ideas, and desires on paper. This part of the web design process may be a little dull for our clients, because we are not only asking the one question that they know how to answer quickly, “What do you want your website to look like?”, but the other questions they have not thought of yet, or bringing to light other issues they have to worry about to have a fully function web site from a great web design. No doubt this can be one of the most important steps of a the web design process.


Our brainstorming process brings us to the white board where we throw up ideas that literally can push your organization to the next level. Because your website is designed to be an accurate representation of what your organization is wanting to show, your web design represents us as well. We want to go over and beyond the standard web design company, and push the limits of your company online. This process can also push us as a web design firm, using our knowledge and pushing our limits to deliver a website that makes things a million times different from your competitors.


This is when we start putting thought into action and you actually get to see what your web design is actually going to be. The framework, which is the skeleton or structure of your website, is in a functional state, allowing you to see  how your website is suppose to function and flow. This is a crucial  step in the process, allowing you to see if your ideas are actually what you want or if they are functioning as you expected. This is the step in the web design process where you want to give all your feedback on the entire website, so we can implement the changes in the final web design.


Refining is the push for the final draft of your web design, taking all your desired changes and implementing them into the design. We also go through the entire library of our codes with a fine tooth comb to make sure all code is to w3 standards, furthermore, increasing the optimization for SEO of your website. After fine tuning every part of your website, the web design is in a final state and awaits your approval.


This is the most exciting time for you. The long wait is done and everything awaits your approval. Once your final approval of the web design, we push everything live and allow Google, Yahoo, and Bing! to index the website to get everything kicked off just right for you!

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Edward Abraham
Edward Abraham
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