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One Time SEO Solutions

This is a service that we offer to company’s who do not have a lot of competition, but still need to be found on the web. We charge a one time fee, to do a one time project to optimize all SEO content on front-end and back-end.

Ongoing SEO

We also offer a service to our clients to continually, month to month, maintain their SEO. We include Social Media, Newsletter, Back linking, and ect. This is a great service for companies that are new to SEO.

Dedicated SEO

This service is the All Out SEO solution. We manage website’s SEO along with all other 3rd party web presences.


Getting Found Online

Being found online is what everyone wants when it comes to their online business. Well this does not happen overnight, but takes an ongoing process to get on the first page and stay there.

The Work Needed For SEO

As stated before, SEO is always going to be an ongoing process, and many organization pay a contractor or firm monthly to do the deed. One of the hardships companies face is dynamic content, keeping the content on your website fresh and relevant is always key to success for SEO.

SEO Tools

There are no SEO tools that will place you in a good spot for a flat fee. Although we offer a “One Time SEO Solution”, that will only go so far. SEO will always be an ongoing process to keep your companies search-ability, searchable.

We Are SEO Specialist

We make it simple for you to be found online

Determinig who your audience, or niche as its referred to at times, is always the first step. If you already have a marketing plan in place you should already know this. Much like marketing, you have to use keywords that your market will search for. Keywords are the simple words or phrases that are used to search for any topic. Such as looking for a web designer, you may search for “Web Design”, or if you want to drill down further, you may search “Web Design in Gwinnett County Georgia”.

Once you have figured out the keywords or phrases you will be using for your SEO needs, test them. Go to Google.com and search your keywords or phrases. At the top of your search you will see a number. Sometimes the numbers can be really low, like in the thousands, and other times you may see them in the billions. That number represents how many websites are fighting for that specific search you used. If the number is high, than it may not be a good idea to use those keywords or phrases to start off with. You want to be able to gain traffic first, so use keywords that do not pull so many websites.


The Perfect Explanation of SEO

Don’t take it from us, listen to this guy!


Ready to be Found Online?

1024 Web Solutions not only offers unique web design services, but also provides our clients with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.  We provide you a client portal for your company to learn the “ins and outs” of marketing in order to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape and remain on top of the competition.  SEO allows your website to gain relative placement on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Not only is having interested consumers find your website when searching online critical to your business but it also builds confidence and invaluable brand recognition with the consumer.  When consumers are ready to buy, they are likely to search online looking for the products and/or services they need.  They are also likely to choose a business from the 1st page of results. Marketing studies show repeatedly that most consumers feel confident that a product on the first page they searched for is from a reputable company (why else would it be on the first page?). and is of good quality.  However, website results can be deceiving. SEO is a marketing art, an art that requires constant evaluation and skilled technique. In the end, no amount of paid services, Pay-Per Click, SEO or other will keep you listed on the first page if you offer poor performing products or bad service.

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